How do we book?

Step 1. Shoot me an email.
Step 2. We set up a phone call, meet-up, or email to feel out if we would be a good fit.
Step 3. Once we know we’re going to click, a 30% deposit and signed contract will secure your date!

How many images do we get?

On average, I deliver 1000-1500 images for an 8-hour wedding day. But there is no set number. I deliver the images that turn out and aren’t repetitive. I would never hold back any of your precious memories.

How and when will we get the photos?

I love editing photos, so I get them to you quickly. My contract says within 30 days, but I usually deliver much sooner. Getting you your photos is my top priority.
I send your photos in an online gallery. Through the gallery you'll be able to download, share and print.

Biggest question, what are you prices?

I have three basic packages that start at $1800. All of those packages include a second photographer and engagements. However, one-size doesn't fit all. Each wedding is different and special in its own way so let’s talk about what you’re looking for and work together to come to a package that fits your needs exactly!

Do we need an engagement session?

It's not crucial, but it is really beneficial. You can learn more about why on the experience page. I have a different approach to engagement sessions than most photographers, my goal is to create a space for you guys to be yourselves together like I'm not even there. Think of something you do together, whether it's date night, going to get ice cream, or just watching Netflix at home, and we'll just do that. I won't tell you to do uncomfortable poses, I won't make you do something you wouldn't normally do. We can get some nice portraits at the end but the main focus will be capturing you in your actual environment the way you actually live your lives. These would be amazing photos to show your grandkids, like look how we spent our time together back in the day!

Do we need a second photographer?

It depends on the schedule of the day. I include a second photographer in all of my packages because I can't be everywhere at once. I don't want my bathroom break to cause you to miss out on memories. However, small weddings generally don't require a second photographer. I'm always happy to customize a package to fit your needs exactly, and there is opportunity for savings if you choose to take out the second photographer.

How do payment schedules work?

My default payment schedule is: 30% up front, 35% 180 days out from the wedding date, with the remaining 35% paid 30 days out. If you need a custom schedule, we can talk and set one that works for both of us.

What happens if you can't make it to our wedding?

Heaven forbid, but if something out of my control happens (act of God, severe illness, death, etc.) I have a list of other photographers in my area that I trust with a similar style and I’m also in multiple Facebook groups with hundreds of backup photographers. If myself or a replacement cannot make it to your wedding, you will be fully refunded.

What should we expect when working with you?

You will hear me say, "I do not need anything from you." I will not insert myself into your memories. I will be a silent observer, documenting the day and telling the true story (until family portraits 'cause shit hits the fan if they don't know what to do). This day is about the two of you getting MARRIED, that's huge! It's about your marriage, and the people you've invited to celebrate with you. I will do everything in my power to capture every single face that's there, because everyone is important. I will give you the photos that stand the test of time, that you can look at in 50 years and instantly go back to that moment. My job is to help you remember this day as it happened. 

Do you travel?

HECK YES! I'll follow you to the ends of the earth. My package prices are the same, but there is an additional cost for travel. Please contact me to discuss special pricing.