About me

I’m from a super small town, Rose Hill, KS but the small-town life is not for me. Honestly, I think I belong on a beach, but family and friends keep me rooted in the Midwest. So do the sunsets, the open fields and the comfort of home.

I’m not just a dog person, I’m a person who cannot live without dogs. I’ve never not had a dog in my home. If Sadie and Willow (our pitbull rescues) could talk, they might say they feel a little suffocated by my love. And just a warning, I WILL stop to pet every dog I see. Always. You can help me with this problem by bringing your dogs to the shoots, pleeease. 

Living the Dream

I’ve always wanted weddings to be my job. All the feels, all the family and friends coming together to make this perfect day for two people. I get to be a part of the happiest day in your life. It’s more than I could have ever asked for. Here’s to you and all the awesome your love brings into the world. 

My “job” (if you can call it that) is waaaay more than just pointing a camera and clicking. I’m being trusted to hold these moments still and let you relive those memories over and over again forever. For.e.ver.

Living to Serve

I love helping, healing, supporting in any way I can. Not just all my wedding couples but kids, animals, anyone who needs it. I started volunteering when I was 13. I’ve volunteered with the Special Olympics, Rainbows United, Make-A-Wish Kansas, EmberHope — a foster care agency — and Children’s Miracle Network. Currently I volunteer with Wayside Waifs, cuz I always need more dogs. 

That spirit of service and giving is just who I am. When it comes to your wedding, you can expect nothing less than all of me, to provide everything for you.

How can I serve you?